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        1. Composite Centralizer

          The composite centralizer is used during running and cementing operations to centralize casing.
          Made of advanced composite, the one-piece centralizer has a low coefficient of friction, is heat resistant, and is highly durable.
          The composite material performs reliably even in extreme wellbore conditions.
          Unlike many plastic centralizers, this centralizer withstands high-impact loading and is highly wear resistant.
          The composite centralizer has a smooth, tapered construction to easily pass obstructions in the wellbore, which makes it well suited for horizontal applications.
          The centralizer enables casing strings to reach total depth efficiently, provides optimal standoff for mud displacement, and greatly enhances cementing operations.
          Composite Centralizer Product Show

          Composite Centralizer Production

          Composite Centralizer Inspection by car

          Roller Centralizer



          Solid Rigid Centralizer Steel Type